Welcome fellow kitties. If you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen! I haven’t been in my kitchen for days! This temperature is killing just about everybody! I am not gettin in the kitchen and turning on my oven so it can make the house even hotter. Nope, not doin it. Although I do like going online and exploring recipe sites and blogs to find out what I could cook if I chose to. Right now, I’m loving http://thepioneerwoman.com/ and her goodies. I am actually settled in to make the Cuppa Cake this weekend. Have the ingredients and everything…yah, well, we will see. I want to, it sounds so easy and effortless but we go back to the hot kitchen thing. The interest is there, but the whole effort is not.

Let me digress and go back to the Cat on a Hot Tin Roof thing. That is my reference to not only being hotter than you know what out, with everything melting and makeup sliding off your faces and hair either going flat and stringy or in my case, instantly curling and getting bigger by the second…but also to the movie. Have you seen it kitties? OMG! It is such a good movie to watch on TMC on a rainy day or even a hot day like this. It’s got everything I love. Humor, sarcasm, drama, vintage Paul Neuman and Elizabeth Taylor (when her waist was like 21 inches) snarky in laws, money grubbing good ole relatives, obnoxious children, and a crankypants old man! It’s like watching Dallas before Dallas WAS Dallas. http://www.barnesandnoble.com/s/cat-on-a-hot-tin-roof?store=dvd  (get it here) I seriously recommend. I don’t want to ruin it for those of you who haven’t seen it. But most of the movie, you are cheering for poor Maggie (ET) who is the Cat, and you want to smack Brick (PN) her husband. The inlaws are awful and you can tell all they want is Big Daddy’s money! (yes, there is a character called Big Daddy)….I know! Right??

That leads me to relatives….I was recently married. Well, remarried. I don’t like to say RE married because that implies that I married the same person again, which, thank GOD, I did not. Anyway, I have a little in law problem. What is it with in-laws anyway? What do you have to do to prove yourself worthy of their brother/sister/son/daughter’s love anyhow? Is there some obstacle test or endurance thing you have to go thru? Should there be some reality show to deem you worthy and then they have to accept you at the end of it? sigh. My sister in law gave us (us, haha, I use the term loosely) a LEAF BLOWER for our wedding present. Yeah, I’ll get a lot of use out of that one. And no, we didn’t register for a leaf blower. I’m just saying. That’s like saying “did you get married? I don’t think so..bride? what bride?” You should have read my nicely worded polite thank you note. Yes, I wrote my thank you notes as properly advised by all things southern and etiquette bound. There was just no good way to go with that one where I’m going to come off sounding thankful either way. As far as I’m concerned they did not deserve one. Well, I know that sounds awful, but that’s like my relatives giving “us” a curling iron and expecting my husband to write them a thank you note for it.

Well kitties, it’s time for me to sit back, kick off my feathered mules, and find something cool to drink. perhaps you would like to join me…here’s a nice little shooter called “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” You’ll need 1 part Amaretto Di Saronno® & 1 part Cointreau®.  Layer the Cointreau on top of the Amaretto with the help of a spoon. Serve in a frosted shot glass. If the layering doesn’t seperate them properly, it still looks and tastes great! Meow a couple of times before sampling…meow a couple of times after sampling and in between…you’ll forget about the heat..I guarantee it!